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"Stretch and the Boomstick" is game for Ludum Dare 32 - "An Unconventional Weapon", where you use monsters to kill other monsters. With your elastic arms and trusty boomstick, swing and blast your way through this minimal arena grab-n-shooter.

Left click to fire the shotgun, the cone shrinks over time.

Hold right click to grab with the arm. Once attached to a throwable object, releasing the right mouse button will fling the object wherever you're looking. Attaching to things too big to move will instead drag you toward them until you release the button.

There are 10 waves, each of which is triggered once all enemies have been defeated and all powerups have been collected.

Programming by Ghor

Art by Vine

Music and sounds by Ryunocore

Ludum Dare page


StretchAndTheBoomstick.rar 12 MB